with Julie in mind. In February, I played an organ recital at Union Congregational Church in Waupun where I waived my usual fee. Instead, the congregation took a free-will offering that went to the United Church of Christ (UCC) camps for kids (one in Green Lake, the other at Moon Beach in northern WI).  They collected around $500, I think.



Photo supplies fund donations.


Anonymously dropped May Baskets.



I have attached a couple pictures of my students so you can see. They always ask me if I like being a teacher and I say "I don't like being a teacher but I like being your teacher" haha, they love it. There is so much work to be done in public education and I am glad I am contributing at least with my grain of sand.



2016 E2 Music Maker Exhibits
The Kindness Project
An Exploration of Music and Human Emotion
through the use of integrated arts forms encouraging thought about listening, compassion, and the creative spirit!
Dedicated to the memory of Julie Lindemann, Professor of Art, Lawrence University, whose incomparable kindness still nourishes so many.
Come, Listen, and let your Inner Child out to Play!

Each year in Performing Arts we do what we call Music Maker Exhibits.  These are interactive stations where parents and friends come to learn about some aspect of Performing Arts class through the unique perspectives of the individuals in our E2 classes.  This gives the students an opportunity to process the subject matter deeply over time and collaborate with others to create joyful and engaging lessons for all of us!
This year we raised the bar even higher with the charge to create themes of kindness, expressed through integrated art forms within an interactive exhibit!  These are hard and complex connections to make, and yet, when the students went through the process of creating these exhibits, more and more was revealed about how naturally art forms and kindness connect.  Each student group has a unique take on this project.  They have all overcome obstacles, stretched themselves, experienced the joys and frustration of collaboration, and, finally, succeeded in creating compelling presentations!
The kids have worked hard, so we invite you to approach each unique exhibit with wonder and a hunger for exploration!   You will encounter charitable organizations, sound and emotion, Deep Listening, acting exercises, instrument lessons, how to compose your heart’s tune, coming together in rhythm, using your talents to serve others, a 6th grade music video and much more!!
Mrs. Pertl



did another project in Milwaukee when a friend of my son appealed for a used back pack via facebook. A new back pack was arranged filled with school supplies. If there is money enough, I will continue with this little venture.

in response;

today was amazing. My student was so excited, he was just beaming. It was the most awesome moment. I wish I could have video taped the whole thing for you. He tried on the back pack and adjusted the straps, let me help him figure it all out, and he just said smiling, how it fit perfectly. He loved it. I asked him if he told his family and he said he did right after the day I talked to him. You really made this happen. I honestly cannot thank you enough. It was such a great moment. Thank you sincerely from the bottom of my heart.



In honor of Julie, the donated funds were used to purchase winter clothing for a family that is experiencing homelessness. Four of the seven siblings currently attend Lake View, and all four were in need of boots, snow pants, hats, and mittens. The ability to easily and quickly help this family (with these readily accessible funds) was so, so helpful.

Thank you so much for thinking of us!