Julie Kindness Project:
A woman whose husband ha a progressive degenerative disorder came over for a studio visit. I gave her some small masonite panels and cherry pie, and we did an extensive walk through of my art. She told me the next day that she had gone home, full of energy and painted for the first time in years. So I bought her some gesso, gave her some small panels and sandpaper so that she had some new surfaces to paint on. A natural act of the kind done in the manner of Julie’s kindness.
I have been thinking of acts that challenge my natural acts of kindness, ones that I want to contribute to JandJ kindness. The hardest of all is to be kind when I don’t feel kind. So today, I put kindness in my heart towards those whom I don’t naturally feel kind towards. A challenge that I will try to pursue everyday, as this Will be challenging.
I also reflect on the kindness that others have given to me, and that is vast. It spreads, is received and spreads again.

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