Julie's Kindness Project (Part 1)

I produced, shot and edited a video for "Enseña Ecuador" (the Teach for All chapter in Ecuador) with the collaboration of my dear cousin who helped me with the second camera and the editing, and the help of two friends who recorded the track and mastered the audio. We made this video almost pro-bono (our travel and food expenses were covered). Since the chapter is relatively new (two years), Enseña Ecuador is an organization with limited budgets. The experience shooting this video was amazing, throughout the entire project I was reminded of J&J (especially when one of the hard drives broke and we lost all the footage, ugh how many times you guys told me to have backups...lesson learned, promise!) I was moved by all the stories, especially of those who teach. This experience inspired the Part 2 of Mari's Julie's Kindness Project.

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