When Julie died LU junior Willa (left) wrote me that her, Ridley, and Noah would do ANYTHING for me! (although Noah might dispute 'anything'. Molly is new to the gang, but a real sweetheart as well.)
Man this helped me in a huge way, it's such a privilege to work with such beautiful folks!!! That's a
right there but there's more to this. These people reside at the LU Artistic Expression House, a place for them to live and work. But they were majorly downgraded real-estate wise by the university this year, now they only have beds for half their members and they're busting at the seams. There's a desperate need for our art kids to have a place to work, and a whole bunch of affordable commercial real estate close to campus. It's time to brainstorm a solution. Would it be viable to donate a building to the university with the stipulation that it would be used by the art house as long as the organization exists? How open is this city to live-in lofts? Would we need a storefront building with apts? Who would have the resources/influence to get this to happen?
This project could really help to put visual arts and conservatory collaboration at LU on the map, and would not require the million$$$ that most projects around here do. Lets put all-positive energy into this and help it happen!

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