Today I reflect on what it means to lead my non-profit organization Grow It Forward, and how, by our mission, I personally work to connect community and pay it forward. I believe it is an inherent attribute, and it is my responsibility to share gifts of time, treasure, and talent with the world around me...and perhaps to inspire others to become self-aware of the world around them.

This morning I shared a simple gesture of compassion. I had went out for breakfast with my parents at a local restaurant. The waitress sat us down and took our drink order and scuttled away. At the table across the aisle, I could see an elderly man, by himself, finishing up his meal. I watched him place his hands upon the table and trying to leverage himself to stand. But the table, not quite sturdy enough, kept tilting and his plate and other items on the table were close to slipping off the table. I quickly stood up and went to the man's side and asked if he'd like help getting up. He asked if I could hold the table down; however, he still seemed quite weak to stand. So I placed my arm under his and helped him rise. I then grabbed his walker and asked if he wanted help with his coat. He quietly said "Thank you, I have Parkinson's" and then went on his way.

I honor those mentor/teachers before and among me, who have helped guide me to be a kinder and more compassionate being.

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