Kindness Project:

So this has been a tough one for me. For one I feel like I have noticed how self-interested I really am (which is not necessarily a bad thing, I think some people hide their interest in themselves because of insecurities, social expectations, etc...). But it is truly important to connect to others in a way that can create exponential growth of good things, and I think to some extent I have lost sight of that. So I have tried a few things. I want to spend more time with my parents, so I went to some Jew services with my mom, and watched football with my dad. But I feel stressed out trying to find the time to work on own personal projects, so maybe I do things with other people but my mind is elsewhere. I want to continue to spend time with my parents and my friends (whom I sometimes look over in favor of spending time alone), but in a more genuine manner; really ask about them and find interest in their lives instead of growing tired of old conversations that I make little effort to influence. So I am going to continue to work on this.
Also me and my co-creator Art decided to have a bakesale to help raise funds and awareness for our travel show, "Dane and Dash". This kind of relates back to my first sentence in that my first idea for the kindness project was to have a bakesale for my own webseries. Yes I know it sounds super selfish, but actually it was something me and Art had been talking about for a while and I thought it would be something fun and productive to do with my best friend. I had put off to committing to it before mostly because it seemed like a lot of work, and I am already working a lot. But the kindness project has reminded me how easy it is to do things when you just do them. This project is so great because of its infinite effect; I may have done specific things because of the kindness project, but its true impact on me is very broad, and this broad influence expands far past me and lingers in the wake of my actions.

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