Julie's Kindness Project

I didn't know what to do to, so I started to contemplate on what Julie meant to me and what she did for me. And lastly, what could I do to honor her.

Feed Someone: In the morning while in the drive-thru i purchased the lady's breakfast in the car behind me. her expression was priceless, her mouth was open and in complete disbelief that someone paid for her food. I waved and drove away.

Help Someone in Need : Next, I had a co worker who was getting their motorcycle tire fixed and needed a ride to the office. He approached me to request a favor and of course I helped out. It required me to get to the office an hour early but it seemed like the right thing to do.

Provide Support: Another friend signed up to do the Al's walk, so I sponsored her family and gave a donation. Charity giving seemed like a simple thing but no one else gave them a sponsored donation,what's wrong with people? Some times a simple jester makes someone's day!

Give Encouragement: My other friend's wife just diagnosed with breast cancer, I am offering my strength and prayers and friendship. Sometimes a kind word or card helps the healing.

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